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How to Assemble a Wodent Wheel

The Wodent Wheel is an exciting and safe exercise wheel for your sugar glider! To assemble your sugar glider wheel, you will:

  1. Attach the seam cover to both ends of the running track, creating a full circle.
  2. Click the front and back panels to the edges of the running track, creating the wheel itself and secure tightly.
  3. Put the back washer on the axle, slide the wheel on facing outwards, and then slide on the front washer.
  4. Slide the hitch pin into the hole of the front washer, securing the entire wheel onto the axle.

When cleaning the sugar glider exercise wheel, you will need to disassemble the track and panels. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the running track and back panel with soap and warm water. Be careful when scrubbing the front panel so as not to remove the stickers. Gently dry the pieces, reassemble the wheel and reattach it to the axle when you are finished. Consider rubbing a touch of baby or vegetable oil onto the axle if it begins to squeak as well! Be sure to follow along with the video above for a visual step-by-step guide to the Wodent Wheel’s assembly, cleaning, and oiling procedures.