Handmade Specialty Goat Products & Sugar Glider Supplies

At House of Bacchus, we have a wide selection of specialty pet products to give your furry friends the safest and most fun-loving life they can have. We specialize in handmade sugar glider products that come in many different colors and styles. These friendly and sociable pets need lots of love and attention, so we have crated the ultimate selection of products to make that happen. And although we have many different sugar glider supplies, we are more than just a sugar glider pet store. Take a look at our other incredible pet products, caretaking tips, and diet advice to care for the furry pal in your life.

All of our sugar glider pet supplies are made with love and careful consideration. This entire selection is handmade by our home-run operation, so we pay close attention to every detail that goes into these products. At House of Bacchus, you can find the perfect product to give your sugar glider or other pet a caring and loving home.