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Sugar gliders are becoming increasingly popular in many states. These cute and adorable creatures are very active and highly social pets. It is important that all newbie owners understand how crucial it is for the physical health and psychological well-being of this little flying squirrel to maintain a suitable environment that supports its activities. No matter what the scientists say about what causes sugar gliders to run on an exercise wheel, one thing is obvious - both people and animals need physical activity to fulfill the need to enjoy their physical existence and maintain good physical health. Perhaps the best solution that could help to release this need for sugar gliders who live in confined environments is the Wodent exercise wheel. This sugar glider exercise wheel is specifically designed to let your pet enjoy running for hours without any risk of injury.

In our store we carry the Wodent Wheel Sr, which is the best fit for sugar gliders in comparison with Jr and Wobust models and has the following dimensions:

Shipping Wodent Wheel, $10.00

  • Wheel diameter: 11"
  • Width: 3.5"
  • Entry hole height: 2.6"
  • Overall height: 12.3"